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Ely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Ely and I like to draw

I am at the following sites:

Main tumblr:
Art Tumblr:


I want to draw something for Valentines day with my OCs or something but idek what

Who would you want to see of these guys?

- Tiarin (1)
- Zane (2)
- Elenia
- Eva
I live. Not really. Taking every day as it comes.

Tagged by KeeperLenalee 

 Once again my favourites:
- Elenia
- Zane
- Tiarin
- Eva 

1. What gender are you?

Elenia: Female
Zane: Male
Tiarin: Male
Eva: Female

2. What is your age?

Elenia: 35 OuO See 40,000
Zane: 27,500...rounding up?
Tia: 27,600.
Eva: 140....But I'm the youngest...????


3. Do you want a hug?

Elenia: Do you want a kiss?
Zane: No thanks
Tiarin: I'd rather hug Eva


4. Do you have any bad habits?

Elenia: I don't wear my glasses a lot sometimes.... 
Zane: I bite my nails 
Tiarin: Sometimes I rip out my hair....
Eva: I drink a lot of tea...


5. What's your favorite food?

Elenia: Chocolate
Zane: Waffles
Tiarin: Cheeseburgers
Eva: Lolies! Sweets! CAKE


6. What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Elenia: I'd have to say rainbow
Zane: Vanilla
Tiarin: Bubblegum
Eva: Strawberry

 7. Are you a virgin?

Elenia: Haven;t been since.... *starts counting off fingers*
Zane: Nope
Tiarin: *counting off fingers as well*
Eva: I was...until recent events....

8. Have you killed anyone?

Elenia: Yes
Zane: Yeah
Tiarin: Of course
Eva: I try to avoid it... but yes.


9. Do you hate anyone?

Elenia: Malachite
Zane: My adoptive father
Tiarin: Lucian, Malachite...
Eva: Lucian that piece of shit mother-

10. Do you have any secrets?

Elenia: I was married once
Zane: I put up cameras in Elenia's room to see how long it would take her to notice...she hasn't said anything but she's winked at them so I bet she knows.
Tiarin: I've been abused
Eva: I've done naughty stuff with Tiarin in a public place ahhhh


11. What's your favorite season?

Elenia: Winter
Zane: Winter
Tiarin: Summer
Eva: Spring


12. Who's your best friend?

Elenia: Fiakri and Carmilla
Zane: Tiarin, Jessica and Eva
Tiarin: Jessica and Zane and I guess Eva counts because we were friends first...
Eva: Liriel was but Card is now, Zane, Tiarin...tho he's my boyfriend

13. What are your hobbies?

Elenia: Reading and dancing *mumbles embarrassed* sewing and knitting.
Zane: Reading, solving puzzles and painting...oh and playing the violin or the piano
Tiarin: Dancing, singing, playing the violin or the piano...Zane and I lerned together.
Eva: I play the guitar, oh otherwise I bake!

14. What is your favorite drink?

Elenia: Alcoholic beverages
Zane: I like fanta
Tiarin: Hot chocolate
Eva: Hot chocolate but also juice


15. When is your birthday?

Elenia: October 8th
Zane: November 19th
Tiarin: April 7th
Eva: June 23rd


16. What age did you die?

Elenia: erm...about 400 years ago give or take...
Zane: I went missing 400 years ago if that counts
Tiarin: Not going just yet
Eva: I'm alive...


17. Are you nice or mean?

Elenia: Mean.
Zane: Nice
Tiarin: Mean...ish?
Eva: Nice 


18. Are you social or shy?

Elenia: Social
Zane: Shy
Tiarin: Social
Eva: Social


19. What do you think of your parents?

Elenia: I love them
Zane: I never met them
Tiarin: I never met my own but Elenia's parents kind of count as my own... I like them
Eva: My parents can be strict...but I love them.


20. What's your weakness?

Elenia: The night of the new moon.
Zane: High pitched frequencies 
Tiarin: My back is pretty sensitive in certain spots...
Eva: Water kind of and summer....

21. How long can you stand underwater?

Elenia: I can breathe underwater aha
Zane: ... I can't swim.
Tiarin: Pretty long...
Eva: 2 minutes maybe...


22. What do you do on a regular day basis?

Elenia: Eat breakfast then go to work until late or check on my businesses in the human realm if I have an off day...though I do that at work too... I kind of just work a lot.
Zane: Make breakfast for everyone, eat breakfast, go check the roster then go to work if I have a shift
Tiarin: Eat breakfast and sometimes work or hang around Eva
Eva: I eat breakfast then go to my mandatory classes.


23. Do you love someone?

Elenia: Yes <3
Zane: Of course 
Tiarin: *happy sighing* <3
Eva: I am happily in love hehe


24. When was the last time you wet yourself?

Elenia: When I was a baby probably
Zane: I got reeeeeally drunk....really drunk. 
Tiarin: When I was a kid
Eva: Ah..when I was about 5


25. What's your favorite band?

Elenia: I like lots of music it's hard to pick a favourite
Zane: I don't know...I like some metal
Tiarin: I don't know
Eva: Oh it's hard to choose.


26. Ever worn a dress?

Elenia: I always wear dresses or skirts
Zane: Once before
Tiarin: I look damn good in one
Eva: For formal occasions


27. Willingly?

Elenia: Yeah
Zane: ... kind of??
Tiarin: Heck yeah
Eva: Yes


28. What do you consider fun in the day-time?

Elenia: Sex... or dancing
Zane: Painting
Tiarin: Dancing oh! OR THE AMUSEMENT PARK
Eva: A Date with my boyfriend <3


29. At night?

Elenia: Sex.
Zane: Walks... the scenery is nice
Tiarin: Clubs, sex, dinner with my girlfriend
Eva: Sleeping or watching late night tv


30. Ever kissed anyone?

Elenia: Without a doubt
Zane: Of course
Tiarin: <3
Eva: Yes, it's nice <3

31. ... Of the same gender?

Elenia: Of course
Zane: Yep
Tiarin: Without a doubt
Eva: Not yet.


32. It's clear that you are gay.

Elenia: and?
Zane: so?
Tiarin: That a problem?
Eva: Ok.


33. What's your favorite thing to touch?

Elenia: Zane
Zane: Paint
Tiarin: The piano
Eva: Soft things, my dog


34. Anyone loves you?

Elenia: Yeah
Zane: Yep
Tiarin: Yeah <3
Eva: Mm <3


35. What's your favorite color?

Elenia: Red, blue, purple
Zane: Blue, yellow, purple
Tiarin: Red, aqua, gold
Eva: Gold, pink, blue


36. When was the last time you cried?

Elenia: It's been a long time...
Zane: When I thought Elenia died
Tiarin: ... I refuse to answer
Eva: I had some shocking news with my boyfriend and yeah...


37. Do you have a pet?

Elenia: Nope
Zane: Not really
Tiarin: I mean I can talk with birds so...
Eva: I have a dog!


38. What did you name your pet?

Eva: His name is ceberus!


39. Are you crazy?

All: B(


40. What are you?

Elenia: Temprix
Zane: Half Temprix half human
Tiarin: Half temprix half demon
Eva: A fire elementis


41. What's the end of your own story?

Ely - I have no idea how to end their stories


42. What's your nickname?

Elenia: I had a cousin call me Nia once..I thought it was cute
Zane: Zane is my nickname. Zanraius is my real name
Tiarin: Tia-Tia or Tia
Eva: My name is short but Elenia called me Evie once


43. Do you consider yourself a happy or down person?

Elenia: Eh...
Zane: I've been told I'm gloomy
Tiarin: More than happy.. cheeky maybe
Eva: Happy


44. If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

Elenia: I think I'd like to be a villain or maybe like deadpool
Zane: Maybe...I don't know
Tiarin: Eh being good all the time sounds a bit weird...
Eva: Flame girl? LOL


45. Favorite movie?

Elenia: I like musicals... Chicago by far
Zane: I like that new Star Wars movie
Tiarin: Chicago and Cats
Eva: I'm not too sure to be honest...
Along with everything else that has happened my oldest cat Shades died today. He was 16 years old. A v old cat. I loved him a lot. 

I'm sorry GazeRei Phantasya-Naos CelloAvens that it's taken me so long to finish those requests but the start of the year has not been good to me
I want to draw something for Valentines day with my OCs or something but idek what

Who would you want to see of these guys?

- Tiarin (1)
- Zane (2)
- Elenia
- Eva

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